Who Is He?Edit

I am Ductor Kheledusharul, if you cannot read the title. You may not know me in person, but you will come to know me as the Monstrator's (usually) Right hand man, and his "Precious". I am of the House of Darkness, with little love for any besides my immediate family, and those I deem worthy of it. Alliances with me are temporary, and come with a price. I have gone under many names, such as: Taipan of the Garden,Promoleus DeUrsis, Qrozaikindar Shadowsteel, and many more. I am currently the second Ductor of the Vakade, and one of the first 7 founders. My opinions are usually kept to myself, but for the sake of this profile, I will voice them. My house is the perfect one for me, as I love doing what against the norm. Good rarely wins in the world, while evil and darkness is always on the rise.  The Kin itself is wonderful, made for a large scope of people, but perfect for only a few. I have not met many who fit into this kin perfectly, but they fit into their own little niche quite well. I do listen to music quite a lot, but many kinds. a lot of Daft Punk(The original!) and Linkin Park. Here are some samples for you to hear:

Daft Punk- (I like this video quite a lot)

Linkin Park-

There is not much I really do in the way of hobbies. I read quite a lot. I watch YouTube/Netflix an unsafe amount, and play many video games. Some of which I currently enjoy are League of Legends, G-Mod, and Minecraft. Anything to do with technology piques my interest, whether it be hardware, code, or simply some innovation. 

Besides this, not many know about me besides the Monstrator and my closest family and friends. I do hope all of you Vakadians come to know me well, and I hope to know all of you well.



  • Second Ductor
    Conquest Map- Overview
  • First Procurator
  • Conquest Maps
  • "The Wary Watcher's Tavern"
  • Recruitment in The Vakade's First Year.
  • The Finding of Elaethazrst


"Oh. I like him. I will keep him."


"Hail the Auctor!"

"Slaughter the Halfings. Leave none alive."

"Torture him until he speaks..."

"I shall fall before my allies are harmed."