Guilds of the VakadeEdit

The Guilds of The Vakade are a way to seperate you from your other kin members, so you are with people better suited to your own interests. There are 3 Guilds: The Lore-Mastery Guild, The Role-Playing Guild, and the Artistry Guild. Your guild is chosen based upon your results on the Entry Survey. Each of the three guilds attend certain events. 

  • ======Lore-Mastery:======
Learned and Inquisitive, Lore-Masters are primarily Readers and Writers. They tend to create and explore their own and other's fantasy worlds and environments. They tend to be knowledgeable on various subjects and delight in the pursuit of knowledge.
Lore-Masters attend Lore-Debates, within which a particular topic is debated upon for the pleasure of the more opinionated members of the Guild.
  • ===​Role-Playing:===
Amused and Entertaining, Role-Players tend to enjoy acting or puting themselves in anothers position. The best Role-Players are either extremely empathetic or simply play as characters suited to their own personalities. Role-Players are generally ambitious and agreeable individuals.
Role-Players attend Role-Playing Events within which they play as certain characters for the pleasure of themselves and those spectating.
  • ===​Artistry:===
Pensive and Imaginative, Artists in our kinship have some manner of skill regarding illustrations or the like with either digital software or their own limbs. Artists tend to enjoy drawing in their off-time and admire Beauty both natural and man-made. Artists tend to be rather withdrawn and reflective.
Artists attend Depiction Contests where they atttempt to match a theme or character better than their fellow Guild-members in a competition.  

Members of the Lore-Mastery GuildEdit

  • Lawful Evil Monstrator Grakahnarulash (Symphis Silian)
  • True Neutral Ductor Kheledusharul (Promoleus DeUrsis) Profile
  • True Neutral Propinquus Gramobaghcrukhel (Victory Steed)
  • True Good  Propinquus Oshaethavous (Ash)
  • Chaotic Evil Custos (Bellatrix)

Members of the Role-Playing GuildEdit

  • Lawful Neutral Vilicus Vakhatûniesh (AB.)
  • Lawful Good Acolythus (Raxima)

Members of the Artistry GuildEdit

  • True Good Propinquus Elaethazrst (AJ.)
  • Lawful Neutral Propinquus Morishidoraschim (Kinoko Masayoshi)
  • True Good Custos (NL.)